About us


Ediciones La Fragatina, a publisher devoted to the genre of illustrated albums and the promotion and dissemination of culture in all areas, invites you to envelop yourselves in the harmonious blend of words and images, a synergy that has revolutionised literature for both children and adults.

Starting with the basic objective of spreading cultural and universal values among readers of all ages, we carefully and lovingly create our publications, making creativity and imagination our distinguishing feature. 

Ediciones La Fragatina’s collections are inspired by diverse and plural proposals that encourage awareness of our common heritage, exchange and dialogue. In a society that is increasingly influenced by the effects of globalisation and information and communication technology, this enables cultural identity to adopt new visions and face new challenges.

Our project, based on the ability of verbal and visual language to cross borders and forge universal communications, is ideal for both the educational environment and the family and cultural setting, thus nourishing the seeds of future society.

“A chance to open new horizons for words, images and ideas”